Type the question that pertains to your goals into a Google search bar and you’ll have an answer in .58 seconds.

In the world we live in today, lack of knowledge is rarely the problem.
The problem lies in our indecisiveness, impatience and our inability to take action and do the work.
Stop looking for the perfect program, the perfect diet or waiting for the perfect time to start.
Stop waiting for that next article that promises you’ll “Drop 10lbs While Eating Your Favorite Foods!” or “Add 20 Yards Off The Tee With This 1 Exercise!”.

Quit trying to avoid Doing The Work.
Do you really want to drop a few pounds, build a better body, play better golf or dominate your sport?
The answer to all of those questions has always been, and always will be;
• Get Stronger
• Move Better
• Improve Your Conditioning
• Eat Like an Adult
Getting stronger isn’t easy.
You’ll have to invest time week after week, month after month and year after year to getting stronger.
You’ll have to lift heavy weights, train consistently and dedicate yourself to the pursuit of strength.

The process is simple, you just have to do the work.
Improving the way you move isn’t very exciting either.
Stretching, mobility drills, dynamic warmups all get boring and tedious.

Who cares? It has to be done, so do it.
Conditioning sucks.
Running, rowing, biking and metabolic circuits are hard.
You’ll very likely hate every minute of it.

Get over it and get to work.
Eating better isn’t easy either, but you know what you should and shouldn’t be eating.
You know you should skip the pizza and probably eat more vegetables.
Eggs are better than Lucky Charms, water is better than soda – eat like an adult, not a little kid.

You know this stuff, now do the work.
Making things seem easy and convenient is a profitable business.
People will pay lots of money to avoid actually having to work – which is why there will always be thousands of Google search pages of programs and ebooks promising to get twice the results with half the work.

You’re better than that.
The process is simple, but it’s not easy.
Stop looking for shortcuts.
Stop looking for permission to be lazy.
Embrace the hard work.
Get Stronger, Move Better, Improve Your Conditioning and Eat Like An Adult.
You now have all the answers you need – now Do The Work.

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