Turning It Around


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Turning It Around

As young girls, we envision who or what we will be and what our lives will be like. As teenagers, some of us begin to posture ourselves for those roles. Sometimes we stick to the plan, sometimes we don’t. We choose a variety of careers that we plan to excel in – nursing, teaching, accounting, doctor, lawyer, etc. There are many who envision becoming the source of the world’s entertainment – singers, dancers, musicians. Some of us decide on those dreams and refuse to be deterred for any reason. Then there are those of us who are somehow derailed from those plans. It’s not too late to make those dreams come true.

In 2011, it was reported that Sensei Keiko Fukuda, 98, was the first woman, and the only one living in the United States at the time, achieved a 10th degree black belt in judo, the Japanese martial art. Three other men, all living in Japan, held the honor at the time. In 2010, Hazel Soares, a 94-year-old great grandmother, earned her bachelor’s degree in art history at Mills College in Oakland. Clearly, somewhere along the way, these women were taken away from their original plan. In their earlier years, most women of that generation had many deterrents that absolutely could not be avoided. Women were discouraged from pursuing a wide variety of careers. As a matter-of-fact, many of them were discouraged from working outside the home at all. These two women decided that they were going to fulfill their dream, regardless of how long it took. You can do the same thing. You can realize your dream.

If you are not living the life you envisioned, be inspired by these two women. Be inspired by the women in your circle who refuse to give up on their own dreams. Be inspired by your own mother who pushed to make a better life for you. Chase what you want. Sit down and create a plan to get yourself where you want to be. It’s not too late!

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