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 For the love of Sheer
For the love of Sheer

Sheer is here, there and everywhere! No doubt it has made it’s way to the red carpets. Just see Jennifer Lawrence at the premiere of ‘Catching Fire’ or Jaimie Alexander at ‘Thor: the dark world’ premiere. These two looks alone garnered enough attention to ‘sheerness’ via their blockbuster franchises. For me though, one look is done right while the other pushes the envelope to a sheer world (rumored) with no underwear.

Yes yes, sheer is a risque clothing fabric and not everyone is comfortable wearing it. But, there is a way to work it and you can choose how sheer you want to go.To give you a visual of the sheer I’m referring to, think of a shirt that classifies as transparent but opaque enough to leave something or more to the imagination.

Fashion talk shows are convinced that see-through clothing has made a comeback, but I’m wondering if it ever left?! I love sheer clothing, but with taste and elegance. The right kind reveals a confident, sexy and feminine exuberance. That’s the opposite of looks worn by Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj for their stage shows or media appearances.

And by the way; to pull off this look, you’d have to hit the gym or like me, gained a mastery of the art of sucking in your paunch. Either ways, I bet that us girls look fab in sheer clothing. As much as I consider myself a nonconformist to fashion rules, there are certain clothing items that I’d rather run away from.

Here’s a list of sheer done right followed by my numero uno ‘I’d rather run away,instead’ look:

  1. Sheer tops: Nothing like a white sheer button down shirt in a flowy fabric with a bandeau underneath. Worn over a pair of jeans or a skirt; this look is carefree, sexy and oh so comfortable. A great look for cozy-ing up at home or strolling to a nearby coffee shop.
  2. Sheer dresses: Absolutely not all sheer! But, just hints of sheerness in the dress. Perhaps, sheer sleeves or sheer neckline to turn up the mystery. A great alternative for those still unsure to go the sheer route are dresses that have a sheer overlay with an interesting print. These looks would be perfect for a dinner date with your loved one.
  3. Sheer skirt: There’s no point to a sheer skirt if it is all sheer. So go for the skirts that have a lining inside. Especially a maxi length with lining that ends mid-thigh or knee length. This is a great weekend look, maybe for going out with friends for a movie or lunch.

‘I’d rather run away,instead’ look:

  1. Sheer Pants: This one, even if I was offered a million bucks is something that I won’t recommend or wear, ever. Sheer pants with or without lining inside is a non-negotiable, utterly punishable look in my opinion. Absolutely unflattering to any body type, it defeats all purposes of a pair of pants. If it has to be worn, then so be it behind closed doors and that too on insistence from that special someone. ;)

No matter the look you choose, remember that transparent clothing is prettiest when it is not form-fitting. A little over sized, breezy sheer top or dress can work miracles to bring personality to your outfit.

Although it is ironic that sheer looks are on trend this Fall-Winter season in spite of their impractical use at this time of the year; certainly, it is for when you take off that warm parka at a restaurant or a party.

Now more than ever before, you’ll be so on-trend if you wear sheer and wear it with panache.

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