Stop Shampooing

Stop Shampooing
Stop Shampooing

Seriously just stop shampooing. Sounds absolutely gross but if you have an open mind please read on.

This year in March I made the decision to stop using store bought shampoos and conditioners. I honestly really really hate spending money on them. A long while ago I was shown a page on natural beauty. Oh yes that definitely sparked my interest! I made the decision that when my shampoo and conditioner were out, then I would be done. PERIOD!

First let me tell you that I have had itchy scalp as far back as I can remember. It flares up, then tapers off, then flares up etc etc. I had really bad dandruff and therefore had a dandruff shampoo of some sort for yeeeeaaaars. My hair felt “blah” to me, no life no bounce, just blah. Sure it shined the first couple hours after shampoo, then that’s it. I’ve tried stuff for volume, and moisture, and “for normal hair”, and expensive shampoos you can buy in the Salon. Nothing ever worked to my satisfaction. Oh the frustration!

What I did.

First For 2 whole weeks I didn’t use anything on my hair but a hot water rinse in the shower every other day. And everyday I brushed my hair like my life depended on it. YES my hair felt groooss and nasty, so if you try this I would recommend doing it when you can stay home. Once I did that I soon realized how far out of balance my scalp had become using these shampoos and conditioners. My hair was very oily, and flakey, and just ewey. I was very surprised when I went out in public that I didn’t get any funny looks from people.

Second After those 2 weeks,  I grabbed Baking Soda, Apple Cider Vinegar, and a cup and jumped in the shower. I probably mixed an equivalent ratio of 2 Tablespoons of Baking Soda to 1 cup of water. I mixed it well, wet my hair down then poured my mixture on top of head slowly and scrubbing with my other hand at the same time. Working from the Scalp down, then I rinsed it out completely.

Third and Last I took Apple cider vinegar, didn’t dilute it, poured some in my palm and applied that to my ends and worked my way up. Then rinsed. I have to admit I hate vinegar so I was very apprehensive to use Apple cider vinegar. BUT BOY DOES IT WORK!!!

My hair is shiny and bouncy for days, not hours. My hair seems to have developed a wonderful personality of its own.  I can go days, sometimes a week without needing to shampoo my hair, it all depends on the weather and activity level. Ladies, believe me you do not need shampoos, just simple baking soda that everyone has in their cabinets. I also now dilute the apple cider vinegar with water because I don’t need it to be so strong like in the beginning. Sometimes I find myself just not needing to use as much Baking Soda. I can imagine that the strength of baking soda and apple cider vinegar will probably vary from person to person as everyone’s scalp is going to be different, so I would definitely recommend first starting with a very small amount of baking soda

If I want my hair to have a sweet fragrance, currently I use VO5 inexpensive coconut scented conditioner.  I literally only use maybe 2 dime size drops and then dilute it with warm water. I soaked my ends in the conditioning solution first, then whatever liquid amount is left over I pour on top of my head.  I use so little of my store bought conditioner which only cost about 1.50$ and it last for months!

Ladies, for those who either can not afford big expensive shampoo and conditioners, or for those who just do not see a reason to spend that much money, then baking soda and apple cider vinegar is a great, natural, inexpensive way to go.


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