Martial arts develop your self control and disciplin

The most important thing we teach at Victory Taekwondo is our Life Skills.  We have a Word of the Month, such as Respect, Teamwork and Courage to name a few.  Each month we focus on this attribute and discuss how the students can incorporate that value into their daily lives; not just in the dojang.

Self Defense
Today’s world is uncertain and as parents, we want to protect our children.  At Victory Taekwondo we teach kids about Stranger Danger, awareness and how to defend themselves.  They learn anti-bullying techniques as well as how to release from wrist and shirt grabs.

Sparring or “pretend fighting” is an integral part of our martial art.  Although we do not promote fighting, we do promote self defense and learning to rely on oneself.  Sparring also develops balance, coordination, reflex and many other positive benefits.  This is all done in a controlled and safe environment.

Weapons Training
Weapons are not always taught at most martial arts schools.  In our “complete” system we feel it is fun and necessary to at least begin to train with some of the traditional weapons such as the stick, bo staff, nunchaku and the beautiful art of the sword or “kumdo”.

Students learn a particular weapon at various stages in their training appropriate to their level.  At green belt, students begin training with the sword.  We also have sword “sparring” with foam weapons; everyone has a lot of fun!

Kids Love Little Samurais:
Our custom-built PreSkills martial arts program for 3 & 5  year olds has been specifically designed for pre-schoolers to teach them important Life Skills in an exciting, fun-filled and safe environment.

Kids learn important life skills such as Listening, Focus, Teamwork and Self-control, all while having fun and moving their bodies.

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